skill testTools to help you make smart hires.

For an investment as important as your next hire, you should have more to go on than just a “gut feeling.” We offer three screening tools to help you determine the top candidates for the job, so you can feel confident you’re making the right decision.





Criminal Background Check
for a standard comprehensive check
Be certain you’re certain. Vet your top candidates by running a GoodHire background check. GoodHire’s employment background checks are EEOC and FCRA compliant and include national, state, and country record checks, as well as sex offender registry and terrorist watch list checks. The reports are easy to read and arrive in about 48 hours. When you purchase through Pro R.E.A., you can avoid the new account set-up fee and business verification wait time.
DISC Assessment
per assessment
The right personality fit is everything. From communication preference to conflict resolution style and problem-solving strategies, know more about who you’re bringing onto your team and better predict how their behavioral style will affect workplace culture and the bottom line. The DISC assessment centers on four distinctive traits that can give important clues about candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.
Real Estate Assessment Quiz
per assessment
Assess not only your top candidates’ real estate transaction and contract knowledge, but also their attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and linguistic awareness with Pro R.E.A.’s 50-question real estate quiz. Finally, a simple solution to testing candidates for the know-how and good judgment that’s critical for success—no inventing the wheel necessary.
Note: this assessment is written for California only. More regions are coming soon.